The OSHAD-SF Mechanisms describe mandatory OSHAD-SF implementation processes and procedures (e.g. OSH Incident Reporting). They include important information that entities must consider when developing and implementing their OSHMS such as timescales for submission of performance reporting and requirements for registration with Qudorat as an OSH professional Entity or Practitioner.

One of the main purposes of the mechanisms is to ensure consistent requirements and implementation of the OSHAD-SF requirements across all sectors. The webpage will describe the important requirements within each mechanism.


S.No Title Version Effective Date Download English Attachments Download Arabic Attachments
1.0 Integration of OSH Requirements in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
V 3.1 March 2017 1 The Integration Eng 1 The Integration Ar
2.0 OSHAD-SF Administration V 3.1 March 2017 2 - OSHAD-SF Administration Eng 2 - OSHAD-SF Administration Ara
3.0 Identification Assessment and Nomination of Entities V 3.3 November 2018 3 - Identification Assessment Eng 3 - Identifiation Assessment Ara
4.0 OSH MS Submission, Review and Approval V 3.1 March 2017 4 -OSH MS Submission Eng 4 - OSHMS Submission Ar
5.0 OSH Requirements for Medium Risk Entities V 3.1 March 2017 5 - OSH Req Medium Eng 5 - OSH Req Medium Risk Ara
6.0 OSH Performance Monitoring and Reporting V 3.1 March 2017 6 - OSH Performance Eng 6 - OSH Performance Ara
9.0 Appointment of Principal Contractor for Construction Work V 3.2 August 2019 9 - Appointment of Principal Eng 9 - Appointment of Principal Ar
10.0 Request to Develop or Update OSHAD-SF Document
V 3.1 March 2017 10 - Request to Develop Eng 10 - Request to Develop Ara
11.0 Incident Notification, Investigation and Reporting V 3.0 July 2016 11 - Incident Notification Eng
12.0 Notification Requirements for OSH Awareness Activities V 3.1 March 2017 12 - Notification Requirements eng 12 - Notification Requirements Ar

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*Important Note:Document Republished for Continued Implementation under Abu Dhabi Public Health Center.

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