Children are a precious treasure and the future of our country. It is imperative that we look after them at all times.

There are hazards around the home, neighborhood & outside and it is your job to identify them before a child does. There is nothing worse for a parent than losing a child.

It is a priority as a parent or a caregiver, to protect children from possible danger and injury -- both of which could physically and psychologically affect a childs development and future life.

Solutions are in our hands. But we have to make it happen.

This program will help you identify home & outside hazards and learn preventative actions to void child injuries


For Awareness materials as the following :

  • Booklet: Activities Booklet – 2-5 years … Click Here 
  • Booklet: Activities Booklet 5-10 years … Click Here

  • Booklet: Activities Booklet 10-14 years … Click Here


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