It is an integrated program that includes a set of preventive initiatives and periodic Screenings related to maternal and child health that aims to Improve health and opportunities of women, infants, children, and families in the Abu Dhabi Emirate through approaches that are preventive, evidence-based, and evaluated.


The Maternal and Child Health Program at Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, ultimately aims to reduce risk factors pre, during and post pregnancy for mothers, and helps to detect new born preventative disorders at an early stage to intervene when necessary


The Program has been specifically designed to promote awareness about healthy pregnancy, newborn screenings, well child visits and the importance of commitment to attend regular checkups and antenatal screenings on a regular basis to ensure the health of the mother and child to enable early detection of problems in order to carry out the necessary interventions


The program sheds light on women’s health and behavior during pregnancy because of their significant impact on the health and development of the fetus. The mother’s medical and laboratory examinations during pregnancy enable the doctor to ascertain the health of the mother and fetus and transfer the pregnant woman who has warning signs such as high blood sugar or iron deficiency to secondary care


A woman’s health and behavior in pregnancy affect her fetus development and growth. A poor diet, smoking, certain drugs, and severe illnesses can hold back the baby’s development. Hence during pregnancy, women should not only take good care of their own health but also go for regular checkups with their doctor. This care is necessary to check that the mother and the baby are fit and well.

As per the latest studies, women who are healthy before and during the pregnancy have better health outcomes


Antennal Screenings standard that has been issued by Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre-Doh aims to ensure that all pregnant women receive the requisite screening, education and counseling during pre, during pregnancy and postpartum period.

The program includes preconception visits, antenatal visits, newborn screening visits and well child visits

Awareness Materials:

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