Emphasizing on the importance of Immunization in saving human lives 



Out of the center's responsibility to care for the health and safety of children in early age, ADPHC, the first of its kind in the region, celebrates the Global Polio Day  in continues efforts to end the suffering from this disease.

On the 24th of October equal to the world ADPHC, raises awareness against Polio disease and focus on immunization since it’s the most efficient way to conquer this disease. Based on global efforts on vaccinating children below 15 years old, cases have decreased by over 99% since 1988, from an estimated 350 000 cases to 6 reported cases in 2021.

In 2004 United Arab Emirate was certified polio free, as it made a tremendous effort to vaccinate every child under 15 years old  and vaccination reached over 95%.  Last polio case reported in UAE was on 1992.

On this occasion, Her Excellency Dr. Farida Al Hosany, Executive Director of Infusions Disease Sector at ADPHC, said: “At Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, we are promoting human health at an early age, In collaboration with health care facilities in Abu Dhabi emirate, a strong active surveillance system is applied for pediatric population who are under 15 years old. Any child suffering from limbs weakness, is referred to full investigation for polio virus or any other viruses causing paralysis. She added:The World Polio Dayprovides an opportunity to highlight global efforts toward a polio-free world and honor the tireless contributions of those on the frontlines in the fight to eradicate polio from every corner of the globe.”


It is worth mentioning that the center continues efforts toward promoting immunization during the year throughout community initiatives such seasonal flu vaccinations, Haj and Umra and so on.

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