7 Strategies

From here, we maintain the health of the population in the Emirate and guarantee workers' safety through the promotion of public health and preventive health concepts

Governance and management of the Public and Preventive Health System

The aim of this priority is to develop and maintain Abu Dhabi Public and Preventive Health System, and ensure implementing the requirements of the system in an integrated manner, within both Government & Private Sectors.

In addition to the development of a system for registering technical service providers and individual working in the field of public and preventive health to ensure the efficiency of related services.

Encourage the community to practice a healthy lifestyle

The aim of this priority is to raise the level of health awareness among members of community and promote a healthy culture, encourage community participation in public and preventive health programs, unify health messages according to the best international standards by using the management system for organizing educational activates, and strengthen public and preventive health in the emirate through the development of government and private partnerships.

Health and safety of workers and environmental health

The aim of this priority is to develop and implement worker’s health programs, prevent occupational diseases, injuries, and health conditions related to environmental factors. And reduce the burden of diseases, occupational and environmental injuries to the lowest acceptable level.

Improve the quality of life and reduce the financial burden

The aim of this priority is to activate an early detection programs and improving their quality using the latest methods, reduce death rate due to chronic diseases, and reduce the high rate of obesity in children and adults in order to reduce the burden of chronic diseases on the emirate.

Implement an effective system for the prevention and control of infectious diseases

The aim of this priority is to develop and improve mechanisms for early detection of infectious and emerging diseases in addition to the reduction and control of infectious diseases.

Build and develop sustainable national capacities in public health

The aim of this priority is the governance of public health research framework by developing an integrated system for public health researches, and build national capacities in public health researches.

Develop decision making with early warning, innovation and artificial intelligence

The aim of this priority is to develop an integrated smart electronic system for public health information, develop an integrated system of investigation and early warning to prevent public health risks, develop the disease registry within the artificial intelligence software and systems for early detection of diseases and develop medical statistics in innovative ways to enhance public health.

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