This initiative aims to vaccinate the elderly citizens and residents and raise the level of health awareness about the importance of Covid-19 vaccine for the unvaccinated elderly, health care providers and all groups associated with them. In addition to raising awareness regarding the continued commitment to apply preventive measures for caregivers of the elderly, especially those who are not eligible for vaccination.

This is done through the implementation of a joint action plan with partners and public health ambassadors to encourage the elderly to take the vaccination through phone calls and home visits, and to facilitate access to this by obtaining a vaccination appointment at home by calling Health Authority’s free number 80050 and spreading it in various types of social media.

Through this initiative, the Center seeks to ensure that all eligible elderly people receive vaccination, protect them from complications of the disease and reduce the burden of going to health centers to obtain vaccination by the target group, providing distinguished health services in appreciation of their community status, health of senior citizens is one of the center’s priorities within the framework of ensuring that their health needs are met, within a comfort and tranquility atmosphere for this important segment of society, which enjoys a high position, especially among the rational leadership of the state.

A qualified medical staff and public health specialists has been allocated to enhance the possibility of motivation and access to the elderly through home services, start visiting them to their places and providing them with vaccinations, which guarantees the necessary health care is taken while they are in the family environment, considering the precautionary and preventive measures applied in the country to confront COVID-19.

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