School Screening are medical tests done for early detection of disease among school students in Abu Dhabi emirate; it begins from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

Early detection contributes to reducing the complications of most prevalent diseases in school-aged individuals and avoiding or delaying the occurrence of serious health problems which allows taking appropriate preventive measures.

Consists of two types:

  • 1-Annual Screening: done for all grades from 1- 12 every year

    Contains testing the followings: weight and height (BMI) , vital signs and vision


  • 2-Comprehensive screening: done for grade 1, 5, and 9 .

Contains testing the followings: medical History, physical examination, vision (color blindness), hearing, scoliosis (abnormal alignment of back bone), blood test , and dental exam.

Abu Dhabi Public Health Center encourage parents, families, schools and communities, on their commitment in school screening program for students, for healthier students and therefore healthier communities.


The Health of your children is one of your most important responsibilities and we are here to help you protect their health with the school screening program.

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