SEHHI food program provided by the Abu Dhabi Health Public Health Centre is a service that guides the community in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to eat healthy food. The program aims to encourage and support healthy food consumption as part of the Emirate's vision of a healthier community, and to empower and improve eating habits. Programs within the SEHHI Program are SEHHI for Supermarkets and groceries, SEHHI for Displaying Calories on the Menu, & SEHHI Healthy Menus.

  • SEHHI for Supermarkets and groceries: It is a program through which supermarkets, hypermarkets, groceries and digital applications are recruited and supported to be healthy by rearranging them to highlight healthy choices and implement effective and sustainable marketing strategies in stores and on digital grocery and supermarket websites.

  • SEHHI for Displaying Calories on the Menu: It is a program for displaying calories on menus in restaurants and food establishments that aims to increase public awareness of calorie content and better available food choices.

  • SEHHI Healthy Menus: Is a program to display SEHHI logo on healthy menus in restaurants and food establishments. Foods with SEHHI logo are lower in fat, lower in sugar and salt content and higher in fiber than other foods of the same type.

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