The Mental Health Program at Abu Dhabi Public Health Center aims to develop projects and provide resources to promote community mental health and reduce self and social stigma around mental disorders and associate treatment.

The program includes a number of projects and activities made possible in collaboration with our sectoral strategic partners including health, education, community development, digital authorities and others.

Our contributions include the following activities:

  • Development programs around mental Health.
  • Embedding psychological screenings with other preventive health examinations through the life course. which aids in early identification and referral if needed.
  • Make reliable information available for the community by developing resources and disseminating information.
  • Mobilize efforts in celebration of World Mental Day, which falls on October 10 Each year.
  • Addressing contemporary community mental health challenges and working with the strategic partners to confront and mitigate the effects.

For emergency situations- (Involving thoughts of hurting yourself or others or disorganized behavior such as hallucinations/ delusions with impaired judgement or poor insight) please call 999 or head to SKMC ER in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain hospital ER in Al Ain., or to the nearest ER to you.

For non-emergency situations, you can book at appointment with a primary healthcare doctor at the Ambulatory Health Service AHS-SEHA, or any other service provider.

You can also call Estijabah at 8001717 and select the psychological support option. The call will be handled by a professional counselor confidentially and at no charge.


For More information , Press Here 

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