The Eat Right and Get Active Program was launched in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in January 2011. The program is the result of cooperation and joint effort between: Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, Emirates Schools Establishment, Department of Education and Knowledge and the school health services provided by the Ambulatory Healthcare Services in SEHA.


The Eat Right and Get Active Model is based on the World Health Organization Health Promoting Schools model to guide schools towards a mechanism for developing a school-wide approach to health promotion. This excellent model contributes to encouraging changes in culture and school practices to advance health in terms of physical activity and healthy nutrition.


The goal of the Eat Right and Get Active Program is to reduce the % of people affected by diseases and illnesses caused by bad eating habits and lack of physical activity.


During the past years, the number of schools participating in the “Eat Right and Get Active” Program increased from 36 schools in 2011 to 350 schools and nurseries in 2019. The participating schools included 257 government schools, 48 private schools and 48 nurseries in each of the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra and all cycles (1,2,3) included in the training workshop on how to participate in the program and implementation within the school. In addition, to the necessary follow-up and continuous support by the school health team of the Department of Health.


Schools were trained to conduct a basic behavior questionnaire in addition to self-assessment before and after the program, and focus groups were formed from the participating schools to collect feedback, comments and observations on the areas of strength in the program and areas of weakness that need to be strengthened. Available opportunities were developed and presented, and schools were encouraged to share best practices.


Topics of the My Health Program in Nutrition and Activities:

  • My healthy Plate
  • Healthy lunchbox
  • Get Active week
  • Green Apple Day
  • Five a day
  • Rethink your drink
  • Smart Snack


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