The developed comprehensive periodic screening program (IFHAS) is an integrated health screening program that contributes to reducing the burden of the most important (non-communicable) chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases and cancers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi among Thiqa insurance card holders from 18years and above.

The health screening includes an integrated assessment of the health risks received through a general health related questionnaire in addition to a comprehensive clinic.

alexamination that includes comprehensive various health screenings commensurate with the most important health challenges according to a regroups and by gender.

As the program includes tests to detect:

  • Risk factors for cardiovascular disease
  • Top priority cancers
  • Musculoskeletal Disease
  • Senior citizens Health
  • Oral health
  • General mental health

ADPHC, in collaboration with its strategic partners, provides Ifhas a new program aiming for early detection of chronic diseases through comprehensive periodic screenings s for Thiqa cardholders of 18 years or older at number of primary and specialized medical centers in the emirate to facilitate access to the program and achieve a positive impact on individuals and society. Early detection contributes to reducing the complications of some diseases and avoiding or delaying the occurrence of serious health problems which allows taking appropriate preventive measures.

Participating hospitals and clinics/ phone numbers

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