Breast Structure and Function

  • Breasts are primarily fat and breast tissue.
  • Breast tissue is a complex network of lobules, lobes and ducts
  • The main function is breastfeeding
  • Many breast changes occur over a woman’s life

What is Breast Cancer?

  • Breast cancer is a disease where cells in the breast tissue divide and grow without normal control
  • Breast cancers occur as a result of a gene mutation.
  • Most breast cancers are spontaneous gene mutations.
  • Only 5-10 percent are due to inherited gene mutations.
  • There are many inherited genes related to breast cancer the most famous (BRCA1 BRCA2)

Stages of Breast Cancer – Worldwide

  • Breast Cancer is the leading cancer among women worldwide. 2,088,849  women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018.
  • 626,679 is Breast Cancer death rate among women worldwide in 2018.
  • Worldwide, one women  is diagnosed with breast cancer every 15 seconds.  
  • Worldwide, one women dies of breast cancer every 50 seconds. 

Breast Cancer Facts and Statistics – Abu Dhabi 2016

  • Breast cancer usually targets women, accounting for %16.6 of all cancers among women and 32% of cancers affecting women in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi according to 2016 statistics.
  • Breast cancer is the first leading cause of death in women in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 2016. 12.1%

For more information, download the PowerPoint slide about Breast Cancer awareness 

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