Abu Dhabi Public Health Center organized a virtual training program on “Special criteria from the Department of Health for providing smoking cessation services in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi” aiming to increase the number of health care providers who adhere to the best approved international standards with Abu Dhabi Department of Health standards for smoking cessation services.

During the program, several facts were addressed, the most important of which was the possibility of increasing the provision of smoking cessation services in emirate of Abu Dhabi, Where the limited number of clinics concerned is considered a major obstacle to the service's access to its applicants, The provision of smoking cessation services in hospitals may contribute to providing an opportunity for service providers to help smokers to quit smoking The cases of smoking-related diseases are an opportunity to encourage patients to seek smoking cessation services. In addition, providing smoking cessation services as a stand-alone facility to ensure the quality and safe requirements of management and care for individuals registered in this service

Dr. Bodour Al Shehhi - Head of Chronic Diseases Department - Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, said: "There are currently only 14 licensed and operational clinics that provide smoking cessation service in Abu Dhabi", she added: "The current situation calls for the urgent need to provide smoking cessation services to its applicants and to integrate them as tasks performed by health care providers while receiving patients in health care facilities, awareness is an essential element that contributes in clarifying some of the ideas that a smoker may have, such as switching from smoking regular tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes in the belief that it is healthier, Knowing that the results of recent studies have shown that the dual use of electronic cigarettes and regular cigarettes are one of the risk factors behind the increasing risk of infection with the Corona virus and other chronic diseases.”

Abu Dhabi Public Health Center contributes significantly to achieve the global goal of reducing tobacco use, by providing appropriate support to increase the chances of quitting smoking, for example, following a set of mechanisms to provide counseling to individuals and groups helping them quit smoking, such as using toll-free phone services to provide personal support to get rid of the scourge of smoking, and expanding the service to reach adolescent smokers, in addition to pregnant women. Otherwise, use social media to raise public awareness at all levels”.

It is worth noting that all attendees have obtained 3.5 hours of continuing medical education accredited by the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi.

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