Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC), the region’s first dedicated centre that aims to promote the physical, mental and social wellbeing of Abu Dhabi’s population by raising public awareness around prevention and early identification, visited the Lulu Hypermarket in the Capital Mall to see the implementation of the improved (SEHHI for Supermarket) program, that is a continuation the program previously known as “Weqaya” after review and revamp. . This cooperation aims to facilitate how to identify the healthy products with an easy and a clear logo for consumers. It is worth mentioning that Lulu Hypermarkets is one of the largest food corporations that are targeting a wide and different category of consumers in Abu Dhabi community.   

Adding a (SEHHI) logo contributes in recommending the healthy choices during shopping, where the food that has (SEHHI) logo contains low rates of fats, sugar and salt, and high rates of fibers in comparison with other similar food. The programme is based on rearranging the store to highlight the healthy choices by applying the effective and sustainable marketing strategies. (SEHHI) programme provides healthy food products, facilitate the access to healthy food items, , attract the attention of those who are shopping by placing SEHHI logo on the shelves of the healthy products.  

Matar Saeed Al-Nuaimi, Director General of ADPHC welcomed this cooperation with Lulu Hypermarket that support and serve (SEHHI) programme, and helps to expand it more in the Emirate, and he said: “Implementing the (SEHHI) program by Lulu Hypermarket on healthy food will contribute significantly in diversifying the available health choices for the consumers in the Emirate and empower them to select better options.  this will serve our strategic goal of the programme which is the  reduction of the risk factors of chronic diseases that are related to the unhealthy food habits. And promoting healthier life style among the Abu Dhabi community leading to better quality of life and reduced burden of disease in general"

Mr. Aboobakker T. P.  – Director, Abu Dhabi and Dhafra region, said that LuLu’s participation was part of the Group’s commitment to bringing the best food trends to shoppers.

“LuLu has always been a responsible retailer who puts the best interests of its customers first. We are invested in making the (SEHHI) program successful, because we believe that a wise shopper is the foundation of a healthy nation and the (SEHHI) program works with retailers to implement a change in a healthier and more sustainable shopping patterns. We look forward to continuing this initiative for a larger number of branches  and contribute to improving the healthy food habits for the consumers across our stores."It is worth mentioning that ADPHC signed a cooperation Agreement with Lulu Hypermarket in 2018 to start implementing (SEHHI) programme on its healthy food products and this cooperation extended to include the implementation of (SEHHI program) in four branches till the date.

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