Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre held a workshop to prioritize public health research in the presence of a large number of representatives of academic sectors and other sectors as well as local organizations interested in the research field.

This workshop was aimed at uniting the research efforts of the public health for the citizens of Abu Dhabi between various local authorities and academic institutions and to follow the center’s message through the application of an integrated system of public health and preventive programs with the highest levels of innovation, excellence and creativity, which will enhance the outputs of scientific research in accordance with the priorities of decision makers and contribute to the formation of public health policies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, it is the first workshop to be held in Abu Dhabi to prioritize public health research, targeting academic and specialized researchers.

Dr. Shereena Al Mazrouei, Department Manager, Health Promotion in Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, stated "Knowing the priorities of public health research is necessary to coordinating research at the local level,", also mentioned that "It is important to link clinical practices with the patient database to serve public health based on the latest available scientific evidence."

Research priorities were set in three sub-fields in order to select a comprehensive list of research topics and questions regarding infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases and occupational health and safety.

It is worth mentioning that future actions will include the development of an action plan to prepare a list of the most important prioritized research, publishing it and disseminating it to various different entities as well as developing a plan to monitor and evaluate the researches.

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