ADPHC pens agreements with United Arab Emirates University, The National Wellness Institute, and Abu Dhabi University during the ISPAH Congress in Abu Dhabi.



Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC), the region’s first dedicated centre protecting the physical, mental and social wellbeing of Abu Dhabi’s population by raising awareness of public and preventative healthcare, has signed three strategic MoUs as part of its on-going efforts to promote and strengthen public health programmes. During the International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) Congress, ADPHC signed agreements with the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), the National Wellness Institute, and Abu Dhabi University.

His Excellency Matar Saeed Rashed Al Nuaimi, Director General of ADPHC, said, “ADPHC is committed to collaborating with regional organisations to bolster public health programmes and strengthen the emirate’s healthcare infrastructure. These agreements represent another step forward in the centre’s mission to position ADPHC as a leader in public health and research where we will be able to put our expertise and knowledge into regular practice while working towards advancing the protection and promotion of public health across all communities.”


The deal with UAEU is a five-year partnership that aims to foster greater collaboration between both parties and identify areas of common interest in the fields of training, learning and scientific research. The collaboration will see both parties conduct regular meetings to identify and coordinate areas of cooperation in public health research, education, and training to effectively strengthen ADPHC’s position as a public health research institution in the region. 

The three-year agreement with NWI which is located in United States of America will bolster ADPHC’s research initiatives across the region, while promoting public health collaboration and ensuring international best practices and standards are maintained, Also Public Health education and training, cooperate in various activities related to capacity building, training and professional development in the field of Public Health. Another priority area will be aligning expertise with regards to hosting collaborative public health conferences in Abu Dhabi to attract leading, global experts to the UAE.

As part of the MoU agreement with Abu Dhabi University, ADPHC will work with the institution to raise awareness of public health services and enhance the knowledge and skills of the university’s students related to their field of study through a training program, supervised by ADPHC. It will aim to empower the students and upgrade their skills and knowledge about different Public health programs and initiatives. Furthermore, It will encourage members of local communities to be active and follow healthy life style.

Through these regional and international collaborations, the Center seeks to continue to work alongside the growing functions of the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, which calls for greater cooperation in different areas with partners in future.

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