Abu Dhabi Public Health Center participates in Abu Dhabi Government pavilion in “GITEX Technology Week” from 17th to 21st October 2021 at Dubai World Trade Centre. During this event, which considers as the largest and the most prominent event in information and communication technology sector at the regional level, the Center will shade light on its most important e-projects to confront Covid-19. In top of which, Platform to improve uptake of COVID-19 vaccination by senior citizens and residents, Contact Tracing Assistant System project as well as the  isolation and quarantine programs project.

The Director-General of Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, Matar Saeed Al Nuaimi, said: "Our second participation in "GITEX Week" comes as part of Abu Dhabi digital government efforts to establish an effective and innovative system that helps to build a sustainable digital base. We are also keen on developing and innovating new services that go in line with the best practices, to be one of the world-leading institutions in the field of public health.”

Al Nuaimi pointed out that the Center's participation in Abu Dhabi Digital Government pavilion at GITEX 2021 is a great opportunity to exchange views with experts and reveal to the public about the Center's latest digital developments and solution to confront the pandemic. In top of which, a platform that aims to intensify awareness efforts and urge people who are +50 years old to take the vaccine by providing a database that contains all the needed details about citizens who are +50 years and not vaccinated yet.

As an effective platform to spread awareness and help to control the epidemic effectively, the Center will review its project " Platform to improve uptake of COVID-19 vaccination by senior citizens and residents " during its participation at GITEX 2021. The project is considered as the latest innovation to facilitate the contact tracing process for COVID-19, get in touch with infected people and control the epidemic. The project consists  of a system used to conduct a virtual online conversation with people to collect the information the health care system needs to control the spread of any disease. The patient’s information is obtained by requesting the Emirates ID number to complete the procedures and answer the questions. The system comes with two visions Arabic and English to fit everyone.

Abu Dhabi Public Health Center will also shade light on its isolation and quarantine programs. The automated programs use monitoring and tracking technology to support the efforts of  Abu Dhabi government in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

"Despite the challenges facing the whole world, the UAE has demonstrated its ability and readiness to confront the pandemic and continue working to build a better future through using innovation and the latest types of technology", Nuaimi added.

It is worth mentioning that GITEX is considered as one of the fastest emerging markets in the field of information and communication technology that's visited by more than 120,000 people from all over the world. Hence,  the Center seeks to highlight the its newest digital transformation that aims to measure the workflow and the compliance with the directives of the Abu Dhabi government, during its participation in GITEX 2021.


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