Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC) of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH), which is dedicated to strengthening the public health and preventive health system in the Emirate, has issued a set of tips and guidelines for parents with the return of students back to school. The guidelines aim to ensure the preservation of students’ health and safety.

The Centre highlighted the importance of gradually readjusting to regular sleeping habits in line with the upcoming school schedule, ensuring that children obtain a minimum of eight hours of sleep and setting them up for an active school day. Additionally, parents are encouraged to engage in conversations about the importance of psychological readiness that sets up a positive academic journey. This includes preparing students for the upcoming school year, addressing any concerns they may have, and exploring ways to seek help.

The Centre emphasised the importance of parents preparing nutritious meals rich in vitamins, which will provide students with the necessary energy needed during the school day, particularly the importance of having a healthy breakfast, which ideally contains fruits, vegetables, and food high in fibre. Furthermore, parents are urged to motivate and remind students of the value of drinking enough water to reduce the risk of dehydration.

In order to avoid potential back pain, ADPHC explained the need to choose a suitable backpack for the age and height of the student, The Centre also highlighted the significance of road safety, which includes being aware of pedestrians and students crossing zones, as well as practicing caution while students are getting on or off school buses. Moreover, it sheds light on the necessity of utilising child seats and seatbelts when travelling in vehicles. ADPHC also calls on parents to ensure that the school nurse is aware of any chronic disease or allergy that students have, to ensure their safety.

H.E. Dr. Omniyat Al Hajri, Executive Director of the Community Health Sector at Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, said: “School health is an important priority for ADPHC. We continue to emphasise our commitment to the health and safety of our children, especially in light of the return to school. Therefore, we would like to remind parents of the importance of taking necessary measures to ensure the children’s health and safety, enabling them to return to their classrooms active and energetic, which will positively impact their educational achievements.”

For more information and guidelines about returning to school, please visit the official website of the centre: www.adphc.gov.ae

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